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Tips & Tricks for Good Broadcasting:

Sending a second fax will increase Fax Broadcast response rates. This can be in the form of a reminder notice that may jog the memory of the recipients. In some cases a third reminder is used. As in all advertising, repetition is key!

The document should have a powerful headline to grab the attention of the readers (usually no more than 8 words), be informative but not too long-winded .

A maximum of three typefaces / fonts is strongly suggested. Same with colors.

If you are using a special typeface, be sure to include the TrueType font with your file along with any other non-embedded graphics.

Make sure that your document contains only relevant information. If transmission times exceed one minute per page of 8.5 x 11 inches, extra   charge will be applied accordingly.

Unless necessary, avoid broadcasts with multiple pages.

A minimum margins of blank space of 1/4 inches  all around the document is strongly recommended.

A minimum font size of 10 points is strongly suggested.

Black & White or Grey shades documents get the best results.

Make sure to update your database regularly. It will pay off in the long run.

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