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Fax and email
Quote request online

Our rates are among the most aggressive in the industry. Please contact our sales team today and a written quote will be sent to you according to the volume and frequency of your broadcasts.

Pricing structure (no surprises)

Fax Broadcast
You are charged a flat per-page rate.
You are charged only for successful transmissions.
You are charged a flat per-page rate for received documents. Also available, dedicated line at one fix price.

Email Broadcast
You are charged a flat per-page rate.

No Charge
Basic Document Personalization
Job reports
Storing and managing your Email list (including free revisions and additions)
Scanning for and removing duplicate Email addresses from your list
No monthly service charges.
Dedicated and friendly customer service. Always.

CDN$ and US$ accepted
Minimum charge per broadcast: $100.00 (include 2 versions, ex.:French and English)
If your transmission exceeds one minute per page, an extra fee will be charged accordingly.
If page format exceeds 8.5 x 11 inches  ''letter format'', an extra fee will be charged accordingly (ex. 8.5 x 14 ''Legal format'' = + 25%)

Additional Services
Lists: Data entry is charged at 15 per record (include 3 fields, 5 per extra field)
Documents: Graphic design is 50$ per hour.

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