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Setting up your fax broadcast

With Viafax, fax broadcasts can be set-up in minutes.

Here's how to get started:

Call Viafax directly to get your account number, which will be used to name the different elements of your broadcast and identify you as a Viafax customer (please, always use your account number in all communication with Viafax).

Get a Viafax order form (electronic or paper format) that will enable you to indicate specifics for each of your broadcasts. When this is done, you simply send the order form along with your list of recipients and your document to be sent.

Preparing the Fax broadcast.
The two main elements required for a Fax Broadcast are the list of recipients, that will receive your fax and the document that will be sent to these individuals.

N.B. Please keep in mind that you can reach our friendly staff at all times for assistance.

Most databases in PC format are accepted.

Please, before every broadcast, it is important to verify the following:

Fax number field must be complete including area code(s) and prefix for international calls.
All records must have their data fields in the same consistent order.
All fields needed for personalization must be included in each record.
Check out section Tips & Tricks.

When we receive the list, Viafax built-in list maintenance will automatically de-duplicate and correct common errors, verify the North-American area codes and Metro Area CO codes in your database before your broadcast is launched. After Job completion, Viafax detailed reports will help you update and maintain your list providing you with a greater rate of success.

Fax lists provided by Viafax
Viafax also provides access to a proprietary fax number database that can be segmented geographically or by SIC code.

Most documents in PC format are accepted.

Please, before every broadcast, it is important to verify the following:

If you are using a special typeface, be sure to include the TrueType font with your file along with any other non-embedded graphics.
Make sure that your document contains only relevant information. Transmissions that exceed one minute per page will be subject to additional charges accordingly.
Check out section Tips & Tricks.

Graphic Design
Our graphic design department will work with you to design your fax ad, choose type fonts, create graphics and develop the ideal fax that will achieve the greatest response.


Last step
Once your documents and lists are ready, upload them to Viafax by Email, Fax (for list to be typed) or mail (on diskettes or CD) along with your completed order form. If requested, a "test" fax with merged data, if any, can be prepared for your approval. As soon as you are ready, your fax broadcast can be launched.


Get your Job reports
After completion, transmission reports are generated with broadcast details.

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