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Setting up your email broadcast

Why is it the best solution for you.
E-mail is the communication media of the day. A powerful tool at your fingertip, making you and your recipient closer together.

There are no printing, postage or labour costs. No need to buy Internet servers, bandwith access or telecom infrastructure. Production time is minimal.

High Capacity, Broadcast System
On everyone's desk in Hours, if not Minutes. You get a rapid response to your campaign. Emails are sent at the highest transmission rate while merging data onto your documents.

Design quality
Message on cover or as attachments, in text format or HTML (for coloured and sharp design).

Personalized messages
Individually personalize all your broadcasts by merging database information into your documents giving each recipient a unique version of your message.

Easy to use
You don't need additional hardware or software to use the Viafax service—your office is ready to broadcast today. Our team is merely an extension of your business.
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