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Setting up your email broadcast

VIAFAX provides all the tools and capacity you need for an effective, high-impact communications campaign.

Viafax will help you get the most from your proprietary Email list.

Viafax can send fax and/or email messages as part of the same campaign to meet the specific needs of each recipient.

Prior to the broadcast, Viafax will automatically de-duplicate and correct common errors in your database.

Viafax does not yet supply customers with Email Lists. The Email broadcast service is only available to customers with their own databases.

You can send Email with text, attachments (PDF, GIF, TIF, WORD, etc...) or enhanced HTML.

Our design department will work with you to design your ad, choose type fonts, create graphics and develop the ideal message that will achieve the greatest response.

Merging data into your document will distinguish your message and you will look well organized.

Every time you send a message to your list you can tailor how the Email will look when received.

Express, scheduled or off-peak delivery.

24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customer service
Our dedicated staff is available during business hours to assist you with any current or future jobs and will handle your account on a one-to-one basis.

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